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What Can We Say?

The Langthorne Institute is a London based language school, though started in Brazil in 2011, our founders are two Londoners. We focus on EFL and ESL for students who can’t necessarily get to London themselves. We provide you with the London experience, giving you excellent EFL tuition as well as in-depth cultural insights that really help to push your English learning journey forward.

A Look Inside

Classroom Terrace Greenwich

Who Are Langthorne?

We work both online and in-person from our school in the heart of Brixton, SW2. Our well qualified, experienced teachers are ever present in the classroom, offering you either a traditional teaching experience or learning through the comfort and safety of a camera lense. This works well, is proven as a method of learning English and with the extra cultural work we do you are really getting a full London learning experience.

As we stated, our teachers are ever present in the classroom, allowing you to question them directly, about the topics, grammar and language structures that are important to you. The teachers constantly assess your progress, giving immediate, thoughtful and structured feedback in class and also providing you with a monthly written progress review. We also offer frequent excursions to all our students to give you the opportunity to put your new learning into practice.

All our classes are planned and we follow a strict syllabus. We work in accordance with British Council guidelines and aim to become accredited within the coming year. A little known fact, is that you need to be open in the UK for at least a year before you can become accredited, so for now, we will have to suffice with working within English UK's guidelines alone.

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