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English Courses

Face 2 Face... and Online

The classes offered at Langthorne are taught exclusively by our engaging, well-qualified English teachers. The result is an immersive experience, whether in our traditional classroom or online. You will have all the resources you would expect in a traditional classroom setting both in person and online. We also offer hybrid lessons, a mixture of in person and online teaching, embracing a modern synergistic approach to learning.

Interactive Lessons

Learning a language should never be boring. We are proud to offer exciting, engaging, interactive, and fun lessons. Teachers use engaging topics from current events and the media and tools such as pictures, music, and videos to help students grasp ideas and learn English quickly. We believe, completely in the idea that students will learn and commit to long-term memory more easily when lessons are engaging and fun. Contact us for more info.

Learning Approach

At Langthorne we use an eclectic methodology. Classes are tailored to suit each student's individual learning style. Our syllabi and classes are thoughtfully prepared, professionally planned and taught by our certified, experienced, and trained teachers. You can ask questions and your teachers will give you thoughtful and constructive feedback, with frequent and timely corrections and directed encouragement during every class.

Great Value

Our classes are always fairly priced and we regularly review their value for our students. Contact us for our latest offers and prices and course prices.

These always include:

  • ● Qualified & experienced teacher
  • ● Teacher present throughout
  • ● Course materials*
  • ● Monthly progress reviews
  • ● Support from our dedicated team
  • ● Up to 15 hours per week
Prices & Details

The Tech. Bit

To access our online learning you will require access to a PC, laptop or tablet when you join the class. We realise the world is not perfect and have experimented with mobile phone access, but the number of documents that your teacher will share with you during class means this is not ideal and may limit the efficacy of the class. You will also need some headphones.

What Next?

Still not convinced? Get in touch with us by email or WhatsApp for more tailored information. We aim to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Convinced? Download and complete our accessible application form, fill it in (this takes 5 minutes) and send it to us.

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